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Important Step-by-Step Process for Entry Requirement
into Marathon Facilities



1. Corporate Subscriber ($250/yr) CLICK HERE

2. Marathon Refining Subscriber ($75/yr) CLICK HERE

3-Way Agreement for
Graded Background Check (BCG)

Grading Matrix for the BCG      CAP FAQ

Requirements for Entry into Marathon Facilities
1. Be an Authorized Contractor
2. Be Security Checked    
  Background Check Graded (BCG) = Score must be "00, 01, or 02" for entry into Robinson (IL), Canton (OH), Detroit (MI), Pasadena (TX), Lima (OH), Garyville (LA), Cincinnati (OH), Catlettsburg (KY), Woodhaven Station (MI), and Samaria Station (MI).

Score must be "00, 01, or 02" for entry into Galveston Bay (TX) or Texas City Refining Division (TX). Please click here for additional requirements to these two locations.
  Social Security Number Verification (SSV) = Name and Number Match  

Important News to Marathon Contractors:

Corporate Subscriber Accounts can view their invoices through their CAP login. By selecting the Invoice tab and then Invoice Payment from the dropdown list, a list of current invoices will appear. To view the BCGs and SSVs that were ordered through your SCTC account select the Background tab and then Order Summary from the dropdown list. Please refer to the Help Files link for an overview of the process. Marathon Refining Subscriber Accounts can view all BCGs and SSVs that have been ordered, as well as those that need to be paid before they can be processed. This is helpful if you accidently exited out of the payment module. Click on the Background tab and select Order Summary from the dropdown list. Please refer to the Help Files link for an overview of the process.

SCTC Support by Email SCTC Support by Telephone 409-948-9009 ext. 8

During off hours and weekend hours, SCTC’s background check vendor partners may be conducting maintenance hours. Their maintenance schedules are not consistently communicated to SCTC. In the event of major issues that are communicated to SCTC, communication and updates will be passed on to our clients.

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